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Designed to analyze moisture in polymeric pellets, the MicroMoisture Instrument can easily be used by non-technical personnel

- Reduces Regrind.
- Minimize Drying Costs - Prevent Overdrying.
- Improve Product Quality.
- No Used Reagents to Dispose of.


- Thermal Technology and Microwave Components Assure Reliable Results, Test After Test.
- Results Unaffected by Volatile Contaminants.  Microwaves Detect Only Moisture.
- Reproducible to the Third Place.
- Greater Precision, Particularly in the Lower Moisture Range.
- Certificates of Calibration Provided.


- Gives quick, Accurate Results, Enabling the Operators to More Precisely Control Production.
- Reliable Results in 15 Minutes or Less.
- The Next Analysis Can Be Initiated in Less Than a Minute.


- Self-contained, Solid-State Instrument, Needs no Mechanical or Electrical Maintenance.
- Can Be Used in Almost any Production Environment.
- Eliminates the Need for a Trained Technician for Moisture Analysis.
- So Simple That Operators Can be Trained in 5 Minutes or Less.
- No Toxic, Expensive or Carcinogenic Reagents Required.

Moisture Detection Specs
Precision  -  Measures Moisture in Plastic Pellets Down to 0.001%
Standard Sample Size  -  80 grams
Electronics  -  Solid State Microwave Components
Timer -  Large LED Display - Counts Down in Minutes and Seconds
Display  -  Large LED  - Third Decimal Place in Moisture Percentage
Standard Temperature  -  360°F
Temperature Read Out  -  Set and Process Temperatures
Electrical  -  120V or 240V, 60Hz
Dimensions  -  12 x 14 x 16 inches
Weight  -  36 pounds
Moisture Detection Process
To test virtually any polymer for moisture, 80 grams of pellets are placed in a sample tube and inserted into the 360°F heater assembly.  Ambient air is pumped through a molecular sieve drying tube, and regulated by a metering valve and flowmeter before entering the heater assembly.  For 15 minutes the dried air transports the volatiles to a cellulose acetate absorber, located on the front of the MicroMoisture Instrument. The absorber is subjected to a microwave beam with the amount of moisture affecting the output of the microwave energy applied to the solid state electronics. State of the art microwave technology detects only the moisture in the absorber.

Splay and other defects in plastic products, caused by moisture in the hygroscopic plastic resins, has been the major cause of scrap in the polymer industry since its inception. Whether the time consuming problem is high regrind, over drying, low productivity, poor quality control or long start-ups, the costs to the plastic industry, and your company specifically, have been exceedingly high.

A 6 minute VHS tape is available. If you wish to request a tape or have any questions concerning the instrument, please call
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